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System Maintenance

The eDeca 2.0 application will be unavailable on Friday 4/19/2013 from 7:00 AM (EDT) to 12:00 NOON (EDT). The scheduled outage is for system maintenance..

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New User Update Page!

What's New?

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What's New?

A new, one-step "Update a User" page is now available. The new page allows user data and site/group assignments to be added/updated from a single page. Navigate to the new page by clicking "New Update a User Page" from the current "Update a User" page.


Two (2) more new features have been added to the eDeca 2.0 application.

1. Spanish text is now available for the Rating Form questions. On the Rating Form pages the text "Change Language to: " appears followed by either "Spanish" or "English". Click "Spanish" or "English" to change the questions to the chosen language.

2. A new "Update a Child" page is available to make life simpler. The new page allows child data, site/group assignments, and contacts to be added from a single page. Navigate to the new page by clicking "New Update a Child Page" from the current "Update a Child" page.


Two (2) new features have been added to the eDeca 2.0 application to assist Program Administrators.

1. Determine which children in your program have had Pre, Mid, and Post assessments completed for a Rating Year or for a specified period of time. On the "e-DECA Management" menu click "Manage Downloads". On the "Manage Downloads" page in the "Choose Object to Download" dropdown list, choose "Children Pre, Mid, Post counts (by Program). Select a "Rating Year" or enter a "Begin Date" and "End Date". Click "Submit" for the results to be downloaded to a ".csv" file which can be opened in an Excel spreadsheet.

2. View your Program Organization (Sites and Groups) with the ability to see teachers and children in each group. Links are provided to quickly navigate to the teacher, child, or child's ratings. Links are also provided to quickly navigate to the Site and Group detail data. On the "e-DECA Management" menu hover over "Manage Programs". When the submenu appears click "Program Organization". Now, click "Page Help" under the "Help" menu and instructions will be provided for using the web page.